The undiscovered and untouched Tikves regions have a unique story to tell the world!

For more than 135 years, the sky, land, sun and vineyards in the south of Europe, each with its own share, have been a part of the story about Tikves wines.

The colors of this country, its people, its landscape, music and aromas, all that our painters and musicians have strived to capture in their art, we at Tikveš have attempted to capture in our wines.

Explore the natural paradise of vineyards, mountains, lakes and rivers, where life moves to a different rhythm, amidst the sprawling grandeur of rich historical ruins and idyllic villages that have remained practically unchanged for centuries.

Get a lifetime experiences shaped by local people, old tradition and unique terroir wines.


From the vineyard to the glass, fall in love with our wines, food, and local heritage!

Whether you’re a wine novice or a professional, or just a wine lover, we can create an unforgettable experience for your trip. Visits to wineries, walking around vineyards, have a lunch and wine tasting and much more from which you will find something special to take home with you.


Experience a singular sense of time and place!

Immerse yourself in history, traditions and local heritage! Travel in tune with the way locals live and lose yourself in untouched nature and endless vineyards, wine tradition and culture, local food and unique terroir taste created for centuries. If you are looking for active pursuit, a nice easy pace and gourmet picnics, to bike tours or trekking over mountainous terrain take your favorite tour.

Winery Events

Experience our festive themed events.

Events which include tasting, pop-up restaurants, food-pairing events, wine education and lots more.
Each of our events has an energy and theme unique unto itself, with a common thread – a great wine, music, food and, and jovial and light-hearted spirit. Put on your party shoes and join us at our next event!

Dining events

Get ready for fine wine and dine adventure!

The art of culinary hospitality is not complete without festive parties and intimate food & wine pairing events. Discover a real taste with unique wine and food. Various dining events with premium wine and creatively prepared specialties, both from the traditional domestic and international cuisine are at disposal for all foodies and wine lovers.

Group bookings

Beautiful trips, tailored to your unique interests, preferences, and tastes.
We create unique trips for discerning travelers who expect the best. We will craft an unforgettable journey perfectly suited to your preferences and travel style. Whether you are looking for a corporate getaway, or a place to host your family celebration, we can customize a plan that will suit your needs.